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How to wear the right watch with right clothes


Wristwatches have gone way past the time where it was used to only tell time. It is a style statement now and people are judged based on the watches they wear. Imagine you are at a black-tie event and the only watch you have is a calculator Casio watch with a rubber strap! In this case, you are better off without a watch. First impressions are made within the first 30 seconds of meeting someone and their attire tells a whole lot about their seriousness and the image they want to project. It is important to know what style of watches can be worn with different outfits. Men do not have to many accessories that they can use and hence the wrist watch becomes an ideal style statement. A watch should be versatile, classic and sophisticated.If you want to be a hit with your look every time you step out, follow some of these basic rules.


Match the occasion with the Watch: How can you distinguish between a formal watch and a casual watch? Analog watches usually have a face with either numbers or roman numerals representing the 12 hours, hour and minute hands. These kinds of watches are considered classic and formal.Digital watches on the other hand are considered casual. They have a LCD display which displays the time in a number format.


Considering the above, it is advisable to invest in a few not so expensive watches while owning a classic time piece. These can be matched with different outfits easily.With time and technology improvements, several kinds of watches have come into existence. Some of the more popular ones areDiver’s Watches- These watches have a capacity to resist water and can be used effectively where there is considerable exposure.


These watches were made famous by the James Bond Movies. Such watches are not formal watches.Chrono Watches or Sports Watches- These watches can be dressy in certain brands. Sports watches come in all ranges and with many features. You can take a pick depending on how active your lifestyle is.Pilot watches- These watches typically feature a large dial which are easy to read and are extremely accurate.


Leather Watches: Watches come with leather bands, some black and others brown. The first rule of thumb is always to match your belt and shoes. So, if you are wearing black, the same color for the watch. However, a gold or a silver strap will work well with both black or brown shoes. A good way to get the best of both worlds is to pick a watch where the straps can be interchanged. Many watches these days are making it convenient to do the same especially since these have become accessories more than time pieces alone.


Metal Casing: Your accessories should generally follow a theme. What this means is that where your cuff links, shoe buckles or any other accessories you are sporting have a gold finish, it is important to follow the same theme with your watch as well. Your watch will have a metal casing and that should match the other metals you are sporting. Find more info on


Heirloom pieces: These watches or time pieces are the only ones where any of the above-mentioned rules do not apply. So, if you have an heirloom piece, you can flaunt and display the same with confidence and knowledge that you are not breaking any of the fashion rules. Such watches are generally worn for good luck or as a memory of the original owner. These watches are great conversation starters and hence they can be mixed and matched with any kind of clothes that you are wearing.


Reservations about the choice: When you are in doubt about what to wear, always match your watch with the kind of shoes you have picked. Though black is considered more formal, it may not always suit the outfit or the shoes that you are wearing. Some important pointers to remember would be to never buy watches that do not match your size or personality. If you are thin, slim watches will look the best on you. However, if you are large, then you can very easily carry off watches with bigger dialsand rugged features.The best advice would be to always invest in one or two good classic and formal watches. In addition, have a few affordable time pieces, formal and casual. This will allow you to experiment with your looks sufficiently.

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